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Why You Should Join a Casino Rewards Program

why you should join a casino rewards program

If you spend time in a casino, a rewards club membership is a logical step. There’s a reason most casino regulars present their rewards card every time they sit at a slot machine or join a blackjack game. It’s one of many casino player secrets that can make your experience more enjoyable. Once you understand how casino rewards cards work, you’ll know why you should use a player’s card at a casino. 

If you’re playing anyway, why not reap the benefits of a casino reward program? The numerous bonuses casinos offer to rewards program members could earn you a discounted meal, free plays or even a jackpot prize. 

What Are Casino Rewards Programs?

Casino rewards programs are the casino’s way of rewarding your loyalty as a customer. They allow you to accumulate points when you use the casino’s facilities and exchange them for cash back or exclusive discounts and services. With these VIP programs, you can build up points whenever you visit the casino. The more points you accumulate, the bigger your rewards. 

Depending on the casino, your rewards could come in various forms, such as free items, extra points and discounts. If you’re spending time at a casino, there’s no reason not to join a loyalty program. They enhance an experience you’re already enjoying. 

How Do Casino Rewards Programs Work?

Every casino has terms and conditions, so loyalty programs will differ slightly. In most cases, the casino offers loyalty club membership to players who have used the casino facilities for a particular time. Others grant a reward card immediately, basing the nature of the reward on how much you play. 

Playing at the casino, eating in a restaurant or buying from the gift shop are all opportunities to earn redeemable points. Once you’ve reached specific points or points, you can redeem them per the casino’s policy. 

In many casino rewards programs, your benefits increase through the different levels. You could earn as much as a 40% discount in the restaurant or spa, for example, in exchange for the time and money you spend enjoying the facilities. As you progress through a VIP program, you can enjoy advantages like complimentary e-cash, meals and discounted accommodation. 

The Benefits of Casino Reward Programs

There are significant advantages to joining a casino rewards program, including the following:

  • Increasing benefits: Many casinos offer programs that reward you more over time. The more you spend at the casino, the more benefits you receive. 
  • Enjoying lucky jackpots and bonus rewards: Casinos often offer random jackpots throughout the day. As a member of the loyalty program, you have automatic eligibility for these prizes. 
  • Getting benefits for having fun: We go to the casino for a good time, so why not earn bonuses at the same time? For example, you can entertain friends or business associates at a venue where you’ll all receive special treatment. 
  • Indulging in restaurant and spa discounts: Many casino rewards programs allow you to take your rewards off the casino floor and use them in other areas, like the restaurant. Thanks to your time at the tables, you can enjoy a great meal or a relaxing spa day at a significant discount. 
  • Receiving special treatment: People in the top tiers of a casino loyalty program can look forward to that homely feeling you get when the staff knows what your favorite cocktail is or which table you prefer to sit at in the restaurant. 
  • Earning extra bonuses, prizes and rewards: Whether it’s your birthday, loyalty club anniversary or just a special day, you can expect surprise bonuses throughout the year. 

the benefits of casino rewards programs

The Cons of Not Being a Rewards Club Member

You’ve got nothing to lose when joining a casino rewards club, but you do have something to lose if you don’t. Aside from the apparent losses, like the restaurant discounts and extra bonuses, understanding how much you could lose is valuable in deciding if a casino rewards club is right for you. 

If you’re new to the rewards club, you might be on an 0.1% rewards rate, which means those who don’t have a membership are missing out on 0.1% cash back on all of their wagers. As you progress through the rewards club tiers, you may be on as much as a 0.3% rewards rate. When you’re a casino rewards member, you could earn cash back on money you’d be spending anyway!

Tips for Using Your Player’s Card at a Casino

There are many reasons to use a player’s card while at the casino. Some simple tips and tricks can help you redeem even more benefits for doing what you’re there to do anyway — have a good time and leave with some extra cash in your pocket. Some tips for getting the most from your player’s card include the following:

  • Use it every time: You earn rewards every time you use your card. If you don’t use it every time, you’re missing out on benefits just for playing. Insert your card into the card reader or present it to the dealer at the table whenever you play for maximum benefits. 
  • Visit the players’ club desk: Stop in at the players’ club desk every time you visit the casino to get information on the newest deals and bonuses. 
  • Provide it when you pay: Most casinos offer discounts just for being a rewards club member. You might not even know you’re eligible for a discount until you present your card, so get into the habit of showing it every time, and you might be in for a pleasant surprise. 
  • Keep it active: Check with your casino whether your card becomes dormant after a certain period. Even if you’re not a frequent visitor, it might be worth popping in occasionally to keep your card active. 

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