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Table games in Lemoore are back in action at Tachi Palace Casino Resort! With our all-new reconfigured gaming floor, guests can try their hand at 21 games in a socially distanced, safe, clean environment.

Blackjack lovers have several options from which to choose – Blackjack Match with Royal Match Bonus, Stax Progressive, and Spanish 21.

As if standard Blackjack wasn’t exciting enough, Tachi Palace Casino offers more ways to win with an optional bonus bet – the Royal Match wager. Betting on the Royals pays off when the first two cards are the same suit or a king and queen in suit. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose your hand since you are paid out on your side bet as soon as the first two cards are dealt.

Progressive payouts for Blackjack? Yes please! The Blackjack Match side bet, combined with the Stax Progressive system, is sure to get the table hopping. With the Blackjack Match side bet, if you and the dealer both have an Ace and King of Spades, the top progressive prize is all yours. As of June 1, 2020, the progressive is nearly $270,000.  There are also three other progressive jackpots, as well as the MUST HIT BY progressive.  The MUST HIT BY jackpot will randomly hit before $200, and you can win, no matter what’s in your hand. 

If you are looking for a slightly different version of Blackjack, with more ways to win, then check out our Spanish 21 Tables. But don’t be looking for any 10s in the deck – they’ve all been removed for this version of the game. Have no fear, the Jacks, Queens, and Kings remain. So what’s the advantage of Spanish 21? In addition to rewarding bonuses, here are just a few:

  • A player’s 21 always beats a dealer’s 21 and is paid immediately(even against a dealer blackjack)
  • Dealer hits on 16 and stands on “hard” 17
  • Double after a split is allowed
  • Players may draw several cards after splitting Aces 
  • You can “double down” on your bet more than once
  • Don’t like your first 2 cards? Spanish 21 offers you the chance to surrender and take 1Ž2 of your bet back


Bring your best Poker face to Tachi Palace Casino and come to win! We offer a variety of thrilling poker-style table games including Three Card Poker with progressive jackpots, Fortune Pai Gow Poker, and EZ Pai Gow Poker.

Think Three Card Poker…Think Progressive Jackpot Poker! Now, as an exciting new side bet to Three Card Poker, we offer the 6 Card Bonus. This side bet is based on the best 5 cards, combining your hand with that of the dealer’s. If you get three-of-a-kind or better, you win. 

Did you know, there are 3 ways to play Three Card Poker and 4 ways to win? You can bet against the dealer, bet on the value of your 3-card hand, or both. For those choosing to play against the dealer, it begins with an Ante Wager with the opportunity to win both wagers if your hand beats the dealer’s qualifying hand of a Queen-high or better.

To play the hand value only, make a Pair Plus wager. If you hold a pair or better – you win. With a straight or higher, you win an Ante Bonus Payout even if you lose to the dealer or the dealer doesn’t qualify.

The fun and excitement of Pai Gow Poker is raised with Fortune Pai Gow. The Fortune Bonus wager is made in addition to a regular wager. A $5 or more bet on the Fortune Bonus qualifies you for an “Envy” button. The dealer then follows house procedures for Pai Gow Poker. If you qualify for a payout, the dealer pays you according to the posted pay-table. The Envy Bonuses are paid at the end of each round if at least one player has a 4-of-a-kind, then all players with Envy buttons win. If multiple players have 4-of-a-kind, all players with Envy buttons win multiple payouts. You must remember, the Envy Bonus is only paid for another player’s hand, not yours or the dealer’s.

EZ Pai Gow Poker plays just like regular Pai Gow except it replaces the taking of the commission on every player’s winning hand by “pushing” the dealer’s Queen High Pai Gow hand. A Pai Gow is a hand of seven different ranks not containing a straight, flush or straight flush. If the dealer’s hand is a Pai Gow with a Queen as the highest card, it’s called the “Queen’s Dragon” and all wagers from players on the base game will be a push. You can even bet on whether the dealer will have the “Queen’s Dragon” for an added bonus payout!


In addition to multiple versions of Blackjack and Poker, Tachi Palace Casino table games also include the popular Mini Baccarat with Dragon Bonus, Richer Roulette, and Ultimate Texas Hold ‘Em with progressive jackpots.

We know that table games can be intimidating for the beginning player. Well here at Tachi Palace Casino Resort, we are proud to be known for having the friendliest Table Games staff in the state. Our dealers or floor staff would be happy to give you instruction on how to play any of our 21 games.





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