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The Science of Luck: Superstitions and Beliefs in Casino Culture

the science of luck

Casinos host lots of luck-based games that allow you to have fun and even win big. Gambling is a tried-and-true pastime, but how do you improve your odds? Gamblers often turn to superstition to help them feel more in control over the game. With the right superstitions, some gamblers think they’ll beat the odds and take home the win of a lifetime. Check out our list of casino superstitions and why gamblers lean on luck to help them win. 

Why Are Gamblers Superstitious?

Gamblers spend their time enjoying casinos — places where games are usually based on luck and not strategy. However, our lives outside of casinos are made up of structured spaces and rule-based situations. When gamblers start gambling, they often take rules based on the natural world and apply them to their gambling. Gambling activities are designed to follow luck or non-natural rules, and it’s easy for regular gamblers to try to create rules or practices they think will help them win luck-based games.

Superstitions are rituals and beliefs people use to make sense of the world around them. With so much of gambling existing outside the gambler’s control, they often turn to superstition to give them their sense of control back. You’ll see lots of different gambling superstitions at a casino — every player has their own set of superstitions they follow to help them try and increase their chances of winning the game. 

Casino Superstitions

Casino superstitions cover everything. Your clothes, the numbers you bet on and even how you sit or stand. While these superstitions will probably not help you improve your odds, they spice up any game. Creating small rules about how you behave and play while gambling can make the game more exciting. Check out these popular casino superstitions and learn more about how mindset influences gambling. 

Changing Seats

Dealing with some losses? Many people try changing their seats when they want to improve their luck. Basically, if you lose a lot on a particular seat, you start associating those losses with that spot. By changing where they sit, gamblers hope to improve their luck and shake off whatever is causing them to lose. Move to another table or get a different spot at your current game. Another chair might give you the new perspective you’ve been looking for. 

changing seats

Counting Your Money

Everybody knows Kenny Rogers’ famous song, “The Gambler.” Like Kenny says, “You never count your money when you’re sittin’ at the table.” Many gamblers avoid counting their chips when playing poker. Counting your money before you finish up is seen as impolite and might bring bad luck down on those winnings you’ve just counted. Try to stay away from counting your money at the table, and you might improve your luck. 

Having an Itchy Palm

Having an itchy right palm is a Kenyan superstition that means you’ve got money coming your way. Having an itchy palm in Ireland also means you might be getting lots of money soon. This popular superstition could give you a heads-up about your luck — but try to avoid scratching that itchy palm. The Kenyan version of this superstition says that if you scratch that itch, you won’t see any of that lucky money. Keep an eye out for itchy palms, and maybe you’ll have a great winning streak at your next game. 

Body Position

Sitting or standing at a table or slot machine can make all the difference psychologically. Some gamblers avoid sitting at the slot machines — they think taking a more powerful standing position could improve their chances. However, if you were sitting when you won big, you might sit at all your tables and games to try to recreate that win again. Finally, it’s sometimes considered bad luck to cross your legs while gambling. This might be because having both feet planted helps you feel more grounded. Whatever the reason, your body position might affect how you approach gambling. 

How to Get Rid of Bad Luck in Gambling

A streak of bad luck is typical for any gambler. Losing frequently can be frustrating — and while you can’t really change your casino luck, you can use some gambling superstitions to give you more confidence in your play. Gamblers might try out these strategies to help them get rid of bad luck: 

  • Wear lucky colors: If you’re down on your luck, try wearing red to the casino. In China, red is associated with prosperity and life-giving energy. Because of this, red is considered one of the best colors to wear when gambling. 
  • Avoid certain numbers: “Unlucky 13” is a common superstition in the United States. From spooky Friday the 13th to skipping floor 13 on a building, 13 is generally considered bad luck. Players might avoid the number 13 to try and boost their odds.
  • Don’t whistle: Whistling or making lots of noise at the table is thought to invite bad luck. If you’re a habitual whistler, try staying quiet at the table, and you might see an improvement in your luck. 

What Is Good Luck for Gambling?

If you use superstitions at the casino, you might rely on a few to give you some extra luck. Use these rituals to improve your odds and have more fun at the table:

  • Blowing on dice: Blowing on your dice is a long-standing good luck trick in casinos. Pre-COVID-19, this was a standard superstition to see. Today, it’s less recommended when you’re at the casino due to hygiene reasons, but feel free to blow on your dice at home games to see if it improves your luck. 
  • Use a lucky charm: Having a lucky charm can help you feel more confident at the table. Lucky rabbit’s feet, small trinkets and personal items can all work. Take something you feel brings you luck and keep it in your pocket while you play. 
  • Have a ritual: Crossing your fingers, chanting or tapping the slot machine are all rituals you might see at the casino. Everyone has a different ritual that they use to help them improve their winning streak. 

Superstitions in gambling all revolve around taking back control of the game. Let’s look at some more common gambling superstitions and how they might affect your play style. 

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