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Body Treatment Services in Lemoore, CA

The Spa at Tachi Palace Hotel & Casino offers a retreat from Valley living and a place of relaxation in an awe-inspiring facility. Time to unwind and cash in on some you time.

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Aromatic Sugar or Salt Glow

Choose between salts or sugars to give your skin a smooth and silky glow.

Salts and nourishing organic oils are applied to the body to exfoliate and achieve glowing skin. Perfect for exfoliating the body.

Aromatic Sugars and revitalizing organic oils are applied to the body to exfoliate and achieve soft, smooth, revitalized skin.

25 Minutes – $60.00
50 Minutes – $100.00

Seaweed Body Mask

50 Minutes – $120.00
80 Minutes – $180.00

Hungarian Mud Mask

50 Minutes – $130.00
80 Minutes – $190.00

Customized Organic Body Treatment

50 Minutes – $130.00
80 Minutes – $190.00


Moroccanoil Hair Treatment – $20
Facial Booster – $10

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Organic Body Treatment Spa in California

Life in the Valley can be as stressful and tiring as it is rewarding. Sometimes, during the hustle, bustle, stress and responsibility of everyday life, you wish you could escape for a few hours — or days — to a place you can leave your worries, tasks and troubles behind. Even during the busiest of times and the most hectic of lives, it’s important to take some time for yourself to relax, release tension, recuperate and rejuvenate.

If you’re looking for the ideal way to escape your everyday cares and refresh your body and mind, visiting an organic body treatment spa in California might be just what you need. Offering a variety of luxurious body treatment services in Lemoore, CA — including seaweed, mud mask and sugar or salt glow treatments — Tachi Palace is the perfect place to escape to when you’re looking for a mud mask spa near Bakersfield or Fresno.

What Goes Into Organic Body Treatments?

Before you embark on your revitalizing body treatment journey, you might be wondering about the specifics of each kind of treatment to determine which you might like best. Here are the basics of each body treatment you can choose from:

  • Seaweed Body Masks in Lemoore: A seaweed wrap is a mixture of natural seaweed, water and other skincare ingredients like oils or clay. We’ll apply it to your body and seal it with a wrap or sheet to let the moisturizing, impurity-removing properties go to work.
  • Hungarian Mud Masks in Lemoore: A Hungarian mud mask is a soft, natural mixture we apply to your body to detoxify and clarify your skin by opening your pores, eliminating toxins and leaving your skin nourished and enriched.
  • Aromatic Sugar or Salt Glow in Lemoore: Sugar and salt glows are a body scrubs that involve massaging a mixture of sugar, salt, essential oils and aromatic ingredients into your skin to exfoliate your body and leave your skin soft and fresh. After your scrub, you’ll rinse off the mixture to reveal hydrated, clean skin that glows.

Who Might Want a Body Treatment?

Body treatments are beneficial for anyone who needs some rejuvenation and natural nourishment, but it’s especially helpful in certain circumstances. You’ll see the most advantages of body treatment if you:

  • Want to firm up your skin and decrease bagginess after losing a significant amount of weight
  • Hope to rejuvenate your body after giving birth
  • Would like to prevent or smooth wrinkles and slow signs of aging
  • Wish to decrease cellulite storage

Benefits of Body Treatment

In addition to flushing out toxins, increasing circulation, eliminating impurities and leaving your skin soft, clean and fresh, body treatments help to decrease cellulite, prevent wrinkles and smooth signs of aging — not to mention their relaxing, soothing effects on your muscles, body and mind. Treat yourself!