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Things to Do in Lemoore, California


Things to Do in Lemoore, CA

Kings County is an oasis of fun for any interest, making it the perfect vacation destination. A wide selection of indoor and outdoor activities and attractions incorporate your favorite hobbies, so you will never have a dull visit. No matter your reason for making your way to Lemoore, you can always count on the area’s rich, fun-filled life to keep you occupied as you get to know the locals and their preferred activities. 

Feel like a California resident with only a few visits to these fun locations. Here are some of the top fun things to do in Lemoore, CA, on the weekend or throughout your trip.

Leisure Activities in Lemoore, CA

From golfing to gaming, this fantastic city has something for everyone. Feed your wild side with competitive and intense sports, or spend the evening exploring what makes Lemoore so inviting. 

Here is a closer look at six of our favorites.

1. Visit the Casino

Feeling lucky? With over 2,000 gaming machines to choose from, Tachi Palace Casino provides many opportunities to prove you’re a winner. Whether it’s your first casino visit or your 20th, the Casino of the Sun will make your experience unforgettable. Enjoy the hotel’s luxury amenities and delicious dining options. From gourmet burgers and steaks to pho, we have tasty menu items to tickle your tastebuds.

2. Game Your Heart Out

Coyote Entertainment Center lives up to its name, featuring numerous ways to play and win. The Tach-E-Sports Lodge is the perfect destination for video game enthusiasts — popcorn, snacks, ice-cold beverages and your favorite consoles. If you want a blast to the past, stop by the arcade for retro gaming.

This all-in-one entertainment hub also features an exciting bowling alley. Become a bowling superstar with Tachi Lanes’ 30-lane scoring system, 15-foot projection screens, HDTVs and comfy spectator seating.

3. Play Paintball

Say goodbye to sterile offices and get down and dirty on the paintball field. Nestled in the heart of Central Valley, Air Warriors Paintball features three scenario fields and a speedball field layout that rotates weekly. From the trenches to close-range combat, competitive paintball provides the excitement and fast-paced action you crave.

4. Solve a Mystery

Scooby and the gang got their start right here in the Golden State — what better place to solve a mystery? Put your brain to the test in the Lemoore Labyrinth. You’ll face unique puzzles and challenging scenarios as you attempt a diamond heist, work your way through an escape room or retrieve your packages from crafty porch pirates.

5. Get on the Golf Course

When was the last time you scored a hole-in-one? Spend your next weekend afternoon on Lemoore’s 18-hole golf course. Known as the Hidden Jewel of the Valley, the Lemoore Golf Course features state-of-the-art golfing equipment and over 6,500 yards of immaculate grounds. There’s no better place to unwind, hone your techniques or impress your golfing buddies.

6. Get Your Surf On

If you enjoy soaking in the sun while catching some impressive waves, the Kelly Slater Surf Ranch is the perfect afternoon activity for you. This location creates human-made waves so you can learn or master the sport of surfing without running into rough waters or aquatic life. You will get the chance to surf in a 700-yard-long strip of water where a machine moves at your speed to generate six-foot waves for you to ride. After your exhilarating journey, you can hang out around the clubhouse, locker room, fire pit, outdoor patio or hot tub to get to know your fellow surfers while enjoying the beautiful California weather. 

End the night with a comfortable stay at Tachi Palace, where we prioritize your satisfaction with your room and the fun you have with our game selections. 

Fun Things to Do Near Lemoore, California

Not in Lemoore? No problem! The surrounding areas offer delicious dining options and fun for the whole family. You will enjoy getting to know what other California locations have to offer with a few simple visits to local businesses. 

Get the same fun and minimize travel time with these five activities.

1. Visit the Zoo

Fresno Chaffee Zoo lets you do more than visit. From feeding giraffes to petting cownose rays, this zoo allows you to experience nature to the fullest. With plenty of exciting habitats, unique species and one-of-a-kind adventures, this is one outing you’re sure to remember.

2. Golf With Ghosts

Teeing up is more exciting than ever on this unique mini-golf course. You’ll traverse through an 18-hole course as skeleton bands, voodoo dolls and other supernatural beings cheer you on. Ghost golf is the perfect fusion of thrill and silliness. This indoor attraction is available for Halloween-style fun all year round.

3. Taste the Latest Red Wines

Kicking back is classy and fun at Caparone Winery. Channel your inner sommelier with a sip of the finest Nebbiolo, Sangiovese or Aglianico. You can even sample future releases straight from the barrel, letting you recommend the latest and most delectable choices at your next fine-dining experience.

4. Throw Some Axes

Bad Axe Throwing brings a Canadian classic right to Fresno. Anyone can become an ax-throwing champ with private lanes and professional coaching. For the especially daring, try entering an eight-week league. Celebrities like Hugh Jackman, Charles Barkley and Charlie Hunnam have unforgettable times here. Add your name to that impressive roster!

5. Enjoy a Sweet Treat

Treat yourself to homemade ice cream, sundaes, shakes and other delectable desserts at Superior Dairy. This ice cream shop will satisfy your sweet tooth with traditional flavors and seasonal confections. Be sure to bring your appetite — you’ll need it to savor these legendary serving sizes!

attractions in and surrounding Lemoore are as exciting as the activities

Attractions to Visit in and Near Lemoore, CA

If you prefer a relaxing vacation with beautiful sights to behold, the attractions in and surrounding Lemoore are just as exciting as the activities. You can enjoy the many natural and human-made creations that capture tourists’ hearts at first glance. Bring your camera along and have a wonderful time getting to know the wonders of Central California. 

1. Sequoia National Park

If you’re looking for a respite from daily life, you’ll find it within Sequoia National Park’s 600 square miles of towering sequoia trees, canyons, caverns and mountain ranges. Hiking enthusiasts and beginners alike will love this park’s hiking trails, which span an impressive 800 miles. The best part? You can top off your road trip by staying at a luxury hotel and casino.

2. Sarah A. Mooney Memorial Museum

California’s rich history is just one of its many charm points. At the Sarah A. Mooney Memorial Museum, you’ll explore the history of one of our community’s pioneering families. This Victorian home is chock-full of antique treasures, furnishings and historical documents that will transform your Lemoore trip for the better.

3. China Alley

China Alley is a relic from the Southern Pacific Railroad construction. You’ll find plenty of history in every nook and cranny, from authentic Chinese restaurants to a 19th-century Taoist temple. Many buildings have retained their original appearance, so you can fully experience this “city within a city.”

4. Fresno Art Museum

The Fresno Art Museum houses over 3,600 contemporary and modern artworks. This unique venue also hosts dynamic exhibitions highlighting Fresno’s cultural diversity, local artists and those from around the world.

5. Clovis Botanical Garden

This hidden Central Valley gem features three acres of California’s unique plant life and landscapes. You’ll walk down a leisurely path lined by 70 sensational species, emerging with tons of photos, inner peace and even ideas for your own garden.

kick off your Lemoore trip with Tachi Palace

Kick off Your Lemoore Trip With Tachi Palace

Lemoore has no shortage of memorable things to do — and you might want to experience it all! As the hub of Central California, Tachi Palace is conveniently near Fresno International Airport and multiple interstates and highways. 

You can easily reach your destination or enjoy Vegas-style amenities and action at our casino resort. Enjoy a wide selection of slot, table and card games to start your night. Our hotel offers a comfortable stay equipped with a spa to relax after a long day of sightseeing and unforgettable activities. End your evening with live performances from musicians, comedians and trained fighters right in our establishment. 

Book your stay today for the vacation of a lifetime!



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