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Unforgettable Central California Getaways


The Central California area boasts a rich variety of interesting and unique options that can melt away workday stress. Through different experiences, you can truly immerse yourself in the rest and relaxation you deserve. You don’t need to travel far from home to experience a carefree getaway — with a bit of research, you can find options all around you.

To help you start planning your Central California weekend getaway, take a look at this list of options, featuring everything from famous National Parks to undiscovered Central California attractions.

1. Tachi Palace Hotel & Casino

Tachi Palace is an excellent option, whether you’re looking for a weekend getaway or a quick day trip. The casino and resort could keep you busy all day, or you could retreat to the spa or your hotel room to unwind. 

From slots to table games to bingo, the casino floor is always exciting and entertaining. We work hard to give our vacationers a relaxing, carefree environment, so they can unwind, let loose and have a great time. 

If a casino isn’t your style, you can always enjoy our pool and spa, plus our plentiful dining options. No matter what you choose to enjoy, you’ll never feel like you’re missing out on your resort experience. 

Some of our personalized spa treatments include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Body treatment mud masks
  • Deep tissue and couple’s massages
  • Customized facials and waxing
  • Personal pedicures

We also offer packages that combine the perfect spa experiences to best meet your relaxation needs. If you are not staying as a guest at the hotel, all you need to do is spend $50 on any spa service, and you gain access to our outdoor pool, dry sauna, fitness center and Jacuzzi to continue your relaxation process on your own time. Hotel guests receive unlimeted access to these great amenities. 

2. Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks

The sequoia forest is home to some of the most breathtaking trees in the world. On average, the sequoias grow to the same height as a 26 story building — between 180 and 250 feet tall! It’s a miracle that something so massive could grow from a seed the size of an oatmeal flake.

In 1940, President Roosevelt expanded General Grant National Park to include the mountains and canyons of Sierra — this park became known as Kings Canyon.

Once you visit the parks and see the enormous canyons, towering trees, beautiful foothills and unique alpine peaks, you’ll understand why this landscape is a popular choice for a weekend trip.

3. Basilwood Farm

Basilwood Farm introduces you to a little slice of Heaven if you enjoy beautiful landscapes and adorable goats. The family who owns the farm has worked on its development for twenty years. They transformed their small farm into an immersive experience that leaves you with a smile on your face and an appreciation for nature. You can visit their store — and the chickens, while you’re at it — and pick up their all-natural, farmstead soaps made with at least 20% goat milk from their micro-herd. They hand-milk all the goats and know each one in the herd by name. Each goat even gets their own collar with their name, so you can talk to them, too! They all have personalities and live happy lives where they get appreciated and cared for by the family. The farm offers workshops, tours and a gift shop where you can buy their handmade goat soap products. Their fun workshops and events include:

  • Cheese, Please!: Over the course of three hours, you tour the farm and try delicious treats. Most importantly, you learn how to make Chèvre, mozzarella and ricotta cheese.
  • Bath Bomb Workshop: After learning to make your own bath bombs, you get to take home three of your very own creations, so you can continue the relaxation at home.
  • Woolie Workshops: Make felted soap with hand-dyed sheep’s wool. These adorable works of art make great gifts — even if you decide to gift it to yourself!

If you just want to walk around the grounds and appreciate the sights, you’re more than welcome to do so during their open hours. But if you do want the full experience, Basilwood Farm now offers their own AirBnB accommodations. An overnight stay on a quaint farm could be a fantastic California weekend getaway.

4. Forestiere Underground Gardens

A hidden gem of Fresno, the Forestiere Underground Gardens represent a gorgeous piece of history that tells the tale of human tenacity and natural beauty.

After immigrating to American from Sicily in 1901, Baldassare Forestiere created a subterranean world of grottoes, gardens and patios with his bare hands. Over the course of 40 years, he transformed hardpan soil into a gorgeous series of archways and stonework. At only 44 years old, his masterpiece spanned across 10-acres. 

The most impressive part? He never once sketched out his plans. Working alone, he crafted these rooms from only an idea in his head with a shovel, a pick and a wheelbarrow. 

This unique location is a California Registered Historical Landmark and is listed on the National Register of Historic Sites. 

A guide will bring you through the tunnels on a guided tour. The floor is made only from soil, so wear comfortable walking shoes. 

5. Monterey Bay Aquarium 

The Monterey Bay Aquarium displays some of the most amazing sea life on Earth, but the aquarium does more than simply astound the public — they also strive to protect the oceans.

The Monterey Aquarium gears its programs toward education to inspire visitors and politicians to take a stand on ocean conservation. Once you enter their doors, you can’t help but appreciate the natural beauty of the ocean.

They give a home to mammals, birds, predators and prey — otters, penguins, sharks and clownfish all live under the same roof. They maintain over 200 exhibits and care for 35,000 creatures. They even have an ocean deck where you can view humpback whales and other wild creatures in the Monterey Bay.

The cost of your ticket and gift shop purchases goes to the research and conservation efforts of the scientists the aquarium employs — they help protect California’s ocean through initiatives such as rebuilding dwindling sea otter populations and changing fisheries and global aquaculture. Their policy experts help introduce legislation to end plastic pollution and help the planet recover from human destruction.

Beyond its ecological efforts, the aquarium gives you a place to spend the day and immerse yourself in an aquatic world that’s vastly different from your own. 

6. Hearst Castle

If you love fine art and exquisite architecture, the Hearst Castle allows you to experience both. Art collector W. R. Hearst built the hilltop estate starting in 1919, but when he left in 1947 due to fragile health, the castle remained unfinished. Even in its unfinished state, it sported 165 rooms and 123 acres of exquisite gardens, pools, walkways and terraces.

Now finished, the house museum holds the ranking of a California State Park. It’s primarily European art complements the architecture perfectly, and a walk through the castle’s halls truly makes you feel as though you have traveled back in time. After a guide leads you on a tour, you are free to admire the gardens on your own while basking in the coastal views from the expansive hilltop. 

The Visitor Center offers free museum exhibits and a gift shop to browse, plus food and locally made beer and wine to enjoy. 

Book Your Getaway at Tachi Palace Today!

No matter where you decide to go on your getaway, you can always use our relaxing resort as a retreat for the night. Each of these day trips is within driving distance from the luxury, four-star accommodations at Tachi Palace. Our location acts as a center point to many of central California’s exciting opportunities. 

Tachi Palace is a paradise that can act as your accommodations for any of your daytime adventures, giving you the chance to continue the fun or take the time to rest up for another day of adventure!





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