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Celebrities Who Play at Casinos

Celebrities Who Play at Casinos

Ever wonder what celebrities do with their free time? Picture this. You’re sitting in the casino on a Saturday night, playing through your favorite games, and over the top of your slot machine, you catch a glimpse of a familiar face. It’s your favorite celebrity! Your friends don’t believe you, so you go back every Saturday until you see that celebrity again. You’ve never been so excited to say I told you so as you and your friends catch Brad Pitt’s gaze.

With all of the celebrities spotted at the casinos, it’s possible that you could find yourself in this interesting situation. Let’s look at the stars you might meet at the casino, what favorite casino games you might share with these celebrities, and where you can go to play these casino games.

Biggest Celebrity Gamblers

There’s no question about it. Gambling is a popular pastime and a rising industry. It’s not only popular among average people, but celebrities love it, too. If you’re interested in popular culture, then gambling is all the more exciting because there’s a chance you might run into a big-name celebrity while strolling around the casino, playing your favorite casino games. 

The following is a list of celebrities you might expect to find on any of your regular trips to the casino:

  1. Matt Damon: Matt Damon is a known poker player. You might even catch him at a poker tournament if you’re lucky.
  2. Brad Pitt: If you’re a fan of blackjack or poker, you can rest easy knowing Brad Pitt is right there with you.
  3. Jennifer Tilly: If you’re a high-stakes poker player, you might get along great with Jennifer Tilly at the casino. She even received the winner’s title in the 2005 World Series of Poker Ladies Championship. 
  4. Ben Affleck: Who knows if the rumors about Ben Affleck’s high-spending gambling antics are true, but we have heard that he likes a good round of blackjack.
  5. Charles Barkley: It might be a surprise to you that Charles Barkley is a big roulette lover. Who can resist a spinning wheel and a little bit of luck?
  6. Pamela Anderson: If you’re trying your luck at the casinos, you might find Pamela Anderson at the slots.
  7. Bruce Willis: If baccarat is one of your hobbies, Bruce Willis might be your casino games soulmate.
  8. Leonardo DiCaprio: Leonardo DiCaprio is a major fan of Texas Hold’em, but don’t tell Jennifer Tilly — she might challenge him!

Celebrities’ Favorite Casino Games

If you’re wondering if you like the same casino games as the big-name celebrities you’ve heard the most about in the news, check out this list of celebrities’ favorite casino games.

Once you know their rules, maybe you’ll feel more confident if one of your favorite celebrities ends up walking past and checking out your gaming skills:

  1. Blackjack: Blackjack is a good game for strategists. The idea of blackjack is to end the game with a hand of cards that adds up to 21 or is as close to 21 as possible without going over. To begin, everyone in the game gets two cards from the dealer. One card faces up while the other card faces down. Once you see what your cards add up to, you can stand, split, surrender or double down. The dealer goes last. The dealer loses if they don’t have between 17-21 and you have under 21. The dealer also loses if you are closer to 21 than them as long as you aren’t over 21.
  2. Poker: Poker is popular for several reasons. If you like games that require skill and some luck, poker might be for you. If you’re a beginner, you might start with a variation of poker called Texas Hold’em. Ultimately, to win poker, you need to have the strongest hand out of anyone at the table when the game is finished. Visit Tachi Palace’s website if you’re looking to brush up on some poker tips and terminology!
  3. Slot Machines: Modern slot machines are impossible to predict. If you like luck-based games that are programmed to wow you with their vibrant colors and satisfying sounds, slot machines could be perfect for you. Unique colors and sounds aren’t the only things slot machines offer. In most casinos, there are a variety of slot machines, so you’ll never get bored if they’re your go-to casino game. 
  4. Roulette: If you’re looking for something easy to play at the end of a long night but still want to have fun, roulette could be your new favorite casino game. This game involves placing a bet on where a spinning wheel will land. Typically, you would pick a number and a color and hope that the wheel lands on the combination you choose. If you’re interested in playing with rare types of modern roulette tables with festive lighting features, visit Tachi Palace. 
  5. Baccarat: The goal of baccarat is to accurately predict if the dealer or the player is going to win or if there’s going to be a tie. All players get dealt two cards. Whoever ends up with two cards that total up to a score closest to nine wins. If you’re interested in history and games of chance, baccarat could be a fun game for you to try. 
  6. Texas Hold’em: Texas Hold’em is regarded by some as the most popular poker game. It’s a variant of poker that involves every player being dealt their hands from a pool of community cards. Whether you’re a beginner player or an expert player, Tachi Palace has playing tips for you

Play the Same Games as Your Favorite Celebrities at Tachi Palace 

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