As a working member of the Media, please remember to display your credentials at all times while at the event. No complimentary credential or tickets will be extended to family or guests of the media. Media credentials permit access to designated media areas only. Backstage and roaming access is prohibited. Professionalism is to be maintained at all times. This includes abstaining from asking athletes to endure a product or outlet, consuming alcoholic beverage during event, and public displays of partisanship that include cheering for or against any athlete and wearing clothing that represents specific athletes or camps. Video cameras of any type and size are also not allowed in the arena during TPF events. TPF reserves the right to confiscate video devices and/or videotape, film and digital disks and to immediately revoke credentials, and have media removed from the event. Misuse of a media credential will result in its immediate loss. Only two media personnel allowed per affliation. Applications accepted up to one week before the event.

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