History of Pork Chop Hill

Survival of the Tachi Yokut Tribe
Dear Valued Guest;

The Santa Rosa Rancheria Tachi Yokut Tribe would like to spend some time letting you know how we came to design and name our new buffet "Pork Chop Hill", with our Tribal Elder Veterans in mind. During the 1940's the Tachi Yokut Tribe had very little resources, as living conditions were below poverty level. Our level of education was below the eighth grade, jobs were scarce, and we received minimal government assistance. Our housing consisted of single bedroom wooden shacks, broken down cars, chicken coops, and makeshift tents, and our land base was small parcels of land in which families took shelter.

Although times were hard we made the best of what we had and we began to name specific locations within our Rancheria. The Thomas Family took shelter on a location that would soon be known to our people as Pork Chop Hill. Pork Chop Hill was a location that had subtle hills covered with tall grasses on the south west part of the Santa Rosa Rancheria. Many of our people branch off of the Thomas Family Tree which makes up part of the Santa Rosa Rancheria today.

Pork Chop Hill represents the survival of the Tachi Yokut Tribe. We as a people have endured the constant changes brought upon us. Pork Chop Hill is the land base of one of the original families of the Tachi Yokut. We are a proud people and during that era the Santa Rosa Rancheria produced Ten Tachi Warriors who served in World War II and was home to some of those WWII Veterans.

Not only do we honor our Tachi Yokut Veterans but recognize and honor all Veterans who have sacrificed for us all. Regardless of age, color, race, or religion, American Indians honor all Veterans every week during Pow Wows across the country.

For these reasons we have chosen to name this beautiful new addition to Tachi Palace Hotel and Casino, Pork Chop Hill Buffet. We welcome you to enjoy what it has to offer. Pork Chop Hill Buffet was designed with our people in mind with basket weave designs you will see throughout the venue.

In Honor of the following Tachi Yokut Veterans;

  • Adrian Works - USMC
  • Albert L. Ignacio - Navy
  • Anthony J Gutierrez - USMC
  • Ben Roberts - Army
  • David Atwell - Army Korea
  • David Quair - Navy
  • Daniel Jeff - Army WWII
  • Epaphine Quair - Army
  • Eugene Begay - USMC
  • Frank Baga - Army WWII
  • Frank Contreras - Army
  • Fred Manuel - Army WWII
  • George Brunell - Army WWII
  • Henry Thomas - Army WWII
  • Thomas Castro - Army
  • Tim Rodriguez - Army
  • Tom Thomas - Army WWII
  • Virgil Smith Sr. - Navy WWII
  • William Thomas - Navy WWII
  • Willie A. Barrios - Army
  • James Barrios - Vietnam
  • James Lewis - Air Force
  • Jerry P. Jeff - Army
  • John Davis - Army
  • Kenny Quair - Army
  • Leo Sisco -USMC WWII
  • Mark J. Barrios - Army
  • Marvin Quair - Army
  • Michael J. Sisco - Army
  • Paul Ignacion - Navy
  • Pedro T. Baga - USMC
  • Peter Roberts - Army WWII
  • Raymond Dick - Army
  • Raymond J. Jeff - Navy

To All My Relations,
Santa Rosa Rancheria Tachi Yokut Tribe
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