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Why You Should Come to California Instead of Vegas

Why You Should Come to California Instead of Vegas

You’re planning a trip to get in on the gaming action. Your mind jumps to Vegas, full of its bright lights and bustling casinos. But think outside the box for your trip and see why you should come to California instead of Vegas.

Whether you live in the state or you’re making a special trip somewhere near the West Coast, the Golden State has so much to offer. You’ll find you can fill an itinerary for a day, weekend or extended trip more than you’d be able to in Vegas. Learn about why you should go to a casino in California below!

Gambling in California

We get it — when you think gambling, Las Vegas might immediately spring to mind. But California casinos will offer you plenty of things you won’t find in Vegas. Gambling in California can put you on the waterfront with views you can’t find in Sin City or around dozens of attractions and sights. It lets you stay in beautiful California resorts, enjoying an array of amenities outside the casino. And gambling in selected places throughout California lets you avoid crowds of tourists — something you can’t do in Vegas.

If you want more than gambling out of your vacation, visit a California casino with tons to offer! Tachi Palace is home to four-star accommodations, various dining options and a host of other amenities. Unwind in the spa to prepare for an evening of winnings. Pamper yourself with body treatments, masks and wraps or indulge in a massage. You won’t have any of those resort fees you’d find in Vegas or nearby casinos, either, giving you an even more relaxing and exciting stay.

And, of course, you’ll find multiple casinos in Tachi Palace. Try your luck in the Casino of the Moon with its relaxing 60,000 square feet, mimicking the nighttime feel you’d expect given its name. Or go for an exciting and brighter atmosphere in the Casino of the Sun, with 80,000 square feet of gaming and gambling. Check out all the different types of games in those California casinos across over 2,000 options, including:

Don’t limit your next vacation to Vegas if you want to press your luck. Go for gambling with a California resort that gives you the Las Vegas experience and then some, all while getting you close to other activities around the state.

Other Things to Do in the Area

When you visit Las Vegas, you’re likely going to stay within the four-mile area of the Vegas Strip. While there’s plenty to do there, you want to seize every possible moment and get more out of your vacation. Go beyond the flashing signs and nightlife-only entertainment of Vegas in California, where your fun, sightseeing and relaxing opportunities expand.


Vegas isn’t the only place that comes alive at night. California ramps up the excitement once the sun goes down. Theme parks light up, clubs turn up the music and bars all around start pouring their customers’ favorite drinks. Whether you’re visiting with friends or family, the nightlife in California is reason enough alone to visit here instead of Vegas.

For Central California visitors, in particular, Fresno transforms when day turns to night. Visit the Tower District, the leading nightlife destination in the city. It’s bustling with things to do and see at places like:

  • Tower Theatre for the Performing Arts, hosting comedy, rock, jazz and other concerts.
  • Roger Rocka’s Dinner Theater, putting on live theater productions.
  • Strummer’s, offering a combination of club life, concert entertainment and dining.

The Tower District also hosts festivals and parties throughout the year, giving you reasons to return again and again.

Parks and Outdoor Spaces

California has a reputation for outdoor adventure. Can you rock climb, surf, swim, hike, kayak and go horseback riding in Vegas? We didn’t think so.

Even if your taste in activities is a bit more mellow, California is still the place to be. Its parks and outdoor spaces go from beachy and serene to cool and snowy, all depending on where you visit. Head to Central California for a mix of green spaces and natural wonders at destinations like:

  • Basilwood Farm for cheese tasting, farm tours and fun workshops that let you make from-scratch goodies.
  • Forestiere Underground Gardens to witness a unique historical landmark and admire the ingenuity.
  • Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks with their expansive canyons, scenic peaks and wondrously tall trees.

Museums, Aquariums and Zoos

A trip to Vegas may mean you have to leave your family behind. That’s what some people are looking for, but what about people who want to travel with kids — or anyone looking for classic things to do on vacation? California’s array of museums, aquariums and zoos make the perfect daytime visit for a bit of wholesome fun before you go wild with the area’s nightlife.

What museumsaquariums and zoos you see will depend on where you take your trip. Around Central California, you’ll find fun attractions around Fresno, Bakersfield and surrounding areas, like:

  • Bakersfield Museum of Art
  • Buena Vista Museum of Natural History
  • California Living Museum, aka Bakersfield Zoo
  • Kern County Museum
  • Monterey Bay Aquarium
  • Fresno Chaffee Zoo
  • Fresno Art Museum

Who Should Visit California?

Anyone looking for a variety of experiences should visit California instead of Las Vegas. Vegas features shows, nightlife and a 24/7 party scene that’s perfect for some, but you’ll find all that and more in California. So who should visit California? Well, we think it’s an ideal trip for:

  • People who live elsewhere in California looking for day trips or staycations.
  • Those traveling from farther away who want to maximize their vacation.
  • Anyone with an interest in history and architecture.
  • Nature lovers who want to see the world beyond the desert.
  • Those traveling with others who don’t want to or can’t gamble.
  • Anyone who wants comfortable weather.
  • Travelers who want to visit unique sites.
  • Travelers looking to escape the crowds of tourist-packed Vegas.

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