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How to Play Casino Games With Live Dealers

How to Play Casino Games With Live Dealers

Casino games have always been a popular attraction. It’s not difficult to understand the intrigue for the fun, excitement and the chance to test your luck. And a new way to play table games is rising in popularity at a rapid pace. Imagine experiencing all of the elements of your favorite games from anywhere you desire. 

Casino games with live dealers provide players with the opportunity to sit back, relax and play popular table games without needing to be anywhere else but online. Combining personal comfort and games of chance, live dealer games really up the ante for a unique playing experience. 

Online Casino vs. Real Casino

Not all casino game experiences are created equal — and neither are all casinos. To understand how to gamble with live dealers, it is important to acknowledge the differences between online casinos and traditional, or real, casinos.

Real Casinos

Physical casinos have been around for centuries. Goers typically enjoy large playing areas with betting machines, table games and invigorating environments full of lights and sounds. Table games are run by real people, in real time, with physical equipment traditionally used in casinos such as chips, cards and balls for roulette.

While real casinos are bursting at the seams with amusement and possibilities, there is one obvious catch — players must be physically present to participate. This poses a problem for those unable to actually be in attendance.  

Online Casinos

Visited digitally via the internet, online casinos allow players to gamble from wherever they have internet access. Players create digital accounts and load money onto their balance with a credit card before choosing a game and making a wager. Winnings are electronically added to balances while losses are deducted. 

Special algorithms called random number generators are implemented within the games to ensure fair and reliable results. Online casinos are available in various formats, including mobile apps and those based on web browsers.

How Do Live Dealers Work? 

While some electronic casino games are solely based on computer-generated outcomes, casino games with live dealers enhance the virtual experience by presenting live human dealers in real time during gameplay, just like at a real casino. Traditional casino equipment is used with the exception of physical chips for betting. In the case of online casinos, physical forms of currency are replaced with an electronic wagering system. 

The combination of virtual and physical play offers the best of both worlds in terms of casinos. Players still have social interaction via livestreams without the requirement of physically attending a casino. Sessions can be played electronically at a slower pace than those played at real casinos and offer a stronger sense of trust to players due to the presence of a live dealer. 

How to Gamble With Live Dealers

The online experience that casino games with live dealers provide does have some similarities to that of in-person games at real casinos. 

How Does Live Blackjack Work? 

Consider one of the most popular table games, blackjack. Once a player selects a blackjack game with a live dealer, they make their electronic wager and the game begins. The session is streamed in real time with a live human dealing from a physical deck of cards on a physical table on camera from start to finish. 

This setup may sound like the perfect opportunity for those attempting to overcome the casino house. But rest assured that blackjack games with live dealers are designed to inhibit those that may attempt playing strategies such as card counting. 

How Does Live Roulette Work? 

Roulette is another popular table game offered with an online live dealer concept. As live dealer blackjack works with physical decks of playing cards, roulette games with live dealers play with physical roulette wheels and roulette balls. 

Where other electronic roulette games cannot track the outcomes of the random number generators, tracking is maintained due to the use of physical equipment. This offers a sense of transparency for players and promotes trust in the casino house. 

Advantages of Live Dealer Games Compared to a Real Casino 

Outside of boosted interactive experiences and personal convenience, games with live dealers come with an abundance of other advantages that do not accompany typical online or physical casinos:

  • Fast and accurate payouts: Due to the electronic management of payouts, the process of receiving winnings is more accurate than that of a physical casino. 
  • Minimal human error: An amount of human error is also eliminated via the electronic system, giving many players peace of mind as they play. 
  • More chances to win: This online process is much faster, which means there are more hands and spins in any given time frame, providing players with more opportunities to win. 
  • Bonuses and promotions: There are also many rewards that may accompany playing live dealer table games. Many casinos offering games with live dealers reward their players with special bonuses and present special promotions to their players. 
  • More ways to play: Many casino games with live dealers are considered to be low variance, which means players are more likely to hit beneficial winnings. But there are also games available for high-roller players, suitable for those who choose a more adventurous wager. 

Casino table games with live dealers are taking the casino world by storm. Whether they are seasoned gamblers or trying casino games for the first time, casino games with live dealers make a great option for any player. 

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